2018-2019: Matthew Dizon

Special shout-out to my fellow Royals !!!!!Special shout-out to my fellow Royals !!!!!

It is a great privilege to share with you my testimony reflecting my education and experience as an Alumnus of South Mansfield College (SMC).

I was a student at SMC from 2007-2019. Truly, it was the best 12 years of my life as I was, in all meekness, a consistent honor student all throughout. Constantly, I have been elected as Class Officer - Treasurer from grade school to high school as well.

Modesty-aside, I graduated with the highest academic distinction in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Have likewise been accorded Best in Robotics, Values Excellence award and a Plaque of Loyalty.

Currently, I’m taking up B.S - Architecture at Mapua University in Intramuros, Manila.

Distinctly honored and grateful to SMC for recognizing my diligence, hard work and loyalty over the years.

Looking back, it all started when I joined the pioneer batch of the Bright Start Summer Program spearheaded by the late Ma'am Arlene Sta. Maria, former Basic Education Program Head.

The moment we (me & my parents) drove into the SMC campus, I knew that this was going to be the school for me. Not only did I love the fun-learning activities, but also my parents did too. True enough, SMC became our school of choice.

I was 5 1/2 years old then, when I enrolled and got accelerated to Grade 1 by Teacher Arlene. My mom was astonished by her comment that "your son has great potential". That was the first of my many milestones in school.

Another milestone was when I won 1st runner up and Best in Casual Wear & Sports Wear in the 2007-2008 South Mansfield College Little Mr. & Ms. Pageant held in SM Tunasan.

Followed by another milestone was when I bagged the grand prize for Best in Hat Competition in SMC's Book Fair with Clifford.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the numerous fun-filled activities like the Mufti Day, Sportsfest, Foundation week, Painting with Mom & Dad, Family Bonding-Amazing Race, Fieldtrips/Cultural Shows, Book Fair, U.S.S.R. CGS, Curriculum Night with Parents, SMC for Others outreach program & Entrepreneurship/Night market, to name a few.

Not only did SMC help me succeed academically but athletically as well.

I was given the opportunity to represent SMC in various inter-school competitions held at a national & international level, too. It has broadened my perspective as a student. Boosted my morale and self-confidence. The SMC assurance to help students reach/realize their full potential to become the best that they can be.

Represented SMC's - Futsal Varsity team in the SGEN Cup held in Stonyhurst - Malarayat Campus. Have likewise represented the school in the SGEN Academic Olympiad Inter-school Competition held in Stonyhurst and in Southville International School & Colleges, too. Have also represented SMC at the Quiz Bee contest for MCL cup held at The Malayan Colleges in Laguna.

One of my major milestones in school aside from graduation was when SMC participated in the 4-day Asia World Model United Nations II Assembly held in Bangkok Thailand last January 30 - February 2, 2019. Raising the theme of "The World's Dilemma: Enhancing World Action on Climate Change". AWMUN II was attended by 1,326 delegates from schools around the globe comprising of 56 countries. Of which I was one of the Pioneer delegates. The other members of the 1st batch of the SMC delegation were Caroline Rodriguez, Desiree Galiza, Dianne Villena & Ivan Merro.

The meet seeks to provide an unparalleled educational experience for talented secondary school students as they learn to understand the workings of the UN while developing debating skills and gaining self-confidence

I owe a lot to SMC, my beloved Alma Mater... Home of the Royals!

I would not be where I am today without that SMC experience.

For the many amazing lifelong friends I made with the fellow Royals, Faculty, and Staff.

With that said, I shall forever be thankful to the School Administrators, for leading & embracing SMC's vision and mission. Likewise, to all our ingenious, selfless, admirable, dedicated, knowledgeable & competent Faculty for continuously providing us dynamic learning opportunities thru SMC's A.V.I.D. of Success and to all the kind, hardworking & dependable staff including all the honest, patient & helpful NTEs (Non-Teaching Employees). Hats Off! and thank you for all your support and kind assistance. Thank you for being an integral part of our learning. Nurturing a passion towards promoting the overall development & well-being of the students. Enabling us to become academically competent, disciplined & well-rounded individuals with a heart.

As an Alumnus of SMC, if I could give any advice to prospective families, parents & students out there, please make SMC your school of choice. I can well assure that your children will be in the best hands as the faculty & staff truly care about their students, unparalleled like no other "Alma Mater" the true essence of the word, of a kind and nourishing mother to her children.

SMC has molded us to be an upstanding individual in the community, a person of values & intellect. Thank you for the successful beginning of the future Movers of Society.

Soaring Royals, Yes We Can! Make a difference!

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