2017-2018: Kiara Soberano

I will always be proud of being a royal. It was the best choice and experience I’ve ever had.

As a former homeschooled student, I thought that entering a big school like South Mansfield College was going to be formidable.

Being a sixteen-year-old at that time, I had a lot of inhibitions and uncertainties about myself. I knew I had a long way to go. But all that changed when I started my eleventh grade. I became the person I wanted to be and accomplished far more than I imagined. SMC believes in its students and sees the potential that they can be globally competitive individuals. Their mission goes beyond academic and values excellence. They mold and develop students to be the best they can be in all aspects of life.

I was given the opportunity to represent my beloved school in different competitions and it broadened my horizon as a student. I am grateful for all the expanded experiences outside of the four corners of the classroom that cultivated the determination and competence in me.

Studying in a multi-cultural academe made me develop a deeper sense of empathy towards others and the community. I met people who touched my life in so many ways. My deepest appreciation goes to my teachers who were a part of our learning journey and for encouraging us to advocate for our passions and dreams.

I am genuinely appreciative of everything I have learned and acquired during my stay at SMC. Thank you for teaching us that anything is possible when we have GRIT and growth mindset.

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