Senior High student wins in a national debate

South Mansfield College is committed to produce students who are proficient in English communication.  Our students are highly capable of communicating their ideas and are coherent in their thoughts. 

Last March 27, 2021, high school students joined the Beginners’ Interschool Debate Competition, STELLAR Forum. This event was sponsored by SABIO, the University of Asia and the Pacific’s Premier Scholars’ Organization in partnership with FORUM, UA&P’s debate organization.

In the said competition, our SHS student, Fatima Rabanera (Grade 11 Responsibility) was declared as Best Speaker. She proved her skill in articulating her ideas well to about a hundred participants.

Stellar FORUM is a competitive and selectual discourse formatted in a debate setting that caters to anyone unfamiliar with debate, but is interested in getting a glimpse of the standards set in a debate community.

Fatima’s team composed of Alekean Tabuzo (Grade 11 Responsibility) and Celena Espejo (Grade 11 Responsibility) was coached by Mr. Kit del Mundo.


Miguel Secuando

South Mansfield College equips  students the necessary skills and values to become movers of society through the AVID (academic excellence, values excellence, interpersonal sensitivity, and drive and discipline to achieve) in a vibrant and caring learning environment. Students are exposed to different experiences where they grow not only as intellectuals but also as men and women with hearts of service. With the growth mindset and grit that the school would like to inculcate, students develop the character of high effort, passion, and perseverance.

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