Sharing Life’s Journey: Coping with Challenges and Difficulties

As part of The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) program, the Grade 7-11 students will have their Virtual Comprehensive Growth Series (CGS) on April 23, 2021 while the Grade 6&12 students on April 26, 2021. The school invited facilitators to conduct a Talk and Team Building Activities. Through these activities, the students will develop their sense of responsibility, personal strengths, and build effective relationships with peers and will better understand their relationship with their family.

Here are some excerpts from the past CGS reflections of students:

“The values that I have developed through the CGS are the ability to unite and have vivid vision, and knowing oneself and accepting others.”

“I have learned that one should not stay in his/her comfort zone. For one to become successful, he/she should learn to socialize. Being able to socialize is not having or gaining friends to be popular but being able to know other people and establish good relationships with them.”

“One should value and treasure relationships to be able to sustain it.”

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