Students exude confidence and intelligence in the SMC Pageant

South Mansfield College believes that learning and developing confidence does not only happen in the four corners of the classroom. It is therefore the Mr. and Ms. SMC 2017pageant’s goal to instill in our students the importance of beauty, poise and intelligence. It was indeed a fulfilling affair last February 03, 2017 as students from Pre-School to High School demonstrated confidence in front of a crowd. The affair was pulled off with partnership with the newest mall in the city—Ayala Malls South Park Mall.

The following are the big winners in the pageant:

smc pageant highschool


SMC Prince—Justin Lloyd Oreto (SK Auburn)

SMC Princess— Benelou Louise Lagario (SK Auburn)


Grade 1 - 2

SMC Count— Marcelo Manalo III (Grade 2 Cooperation)

SMC Countess—Reynaldine Carlee Raquel (Grade 2 Cooperation)


Grade 3 - 6

SMC Duke– Jalen Baron (Grade 5 Loyalty)

SMC Duchess—Frances Mikyle Ines (Grade 6 Perseverance)


Grade 7 - 11

SMC Viceroy—Erray Raymundo (Grade 11 Industry)

SMC Vicerine — Ms. Isabella Sotta (Grade 11 Competence)


smc pageant

Other winners in the pageant are the following:


First Runners-up—Jurien Zeb Arciaga & Kirsten Wynett Gorospe

Second Runners-up—Xavion Altheo Lanto & Isabella Marie Ambat

Grade 1-2

First Runners-up—Karl Laserna & Patricia Villena

Second Runners-up—John Carlo Zuño & Jessie Rose Alarcon

Grade 3-6

First Runners-up—Andres Maximiliano Gonzalez & Diana Ellenor Sevillo

Second Runners-up—Maurice Marcus Matias & Avril Capuno

Grade 7-11

First Runners-up—Nathan Alexander Go & Caroline Isabel Rodriguez

Second Runners-up—Joshua Baritugo & Ma. Fatima Lourdes Rabanera

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