Jane Erika R. Cosio

To my Alma Mater,


I am really honored to receive an invitation for the upcoming 14th Foundation Day Celebration. I know that this is an important event for all the students, faculty members and also to the alumni. I would like to take this as an opportunity to give thanks for the institution who mold me as who I am. I have a thousand reasons to be thankful for and words are not enough to express my warmest gratitude.

I entered SMC way back in 2008 wherein we were only 10 students and considered to be the first batch of high school. We all know that SMC has an international-based curriculum that is why it is strictly implemented to practice the SED (Speaking in English Drive). At first, it was quite hard to communicate since I used to be a shy person when it comes to talking in a large crowd. As time goes by, we were able to adapt in an English Speaking Community with the help of our faculty members. As we reached our Second Year of High School we were already 20 students, friendships were built and the upcoming years were filled with good memories.

SMC helped me to get out of my comfort zone by providing us a lot of opportunities to hone our communication skills, social skills and also our talents by joining various competitions inside and outside of the school. It was an honor to represent our school in Muntinlupa Outstanding Students (MOST). In addition, I used to be the President of the organization League of Environmental Advocates for the Future (L.E.A.F.) wherein it gave an opportunity to do different projects to help our environment and also to do Outreach Programs. Due to the excellent curriculum of our school, all of us were able to discover our potentials.

I have also embodied until now the mission of our school which is the A.V.I.D. (Academic Excellence, Values Excellence, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Drive and Discipline to Achieve) that helped me overcome all of the challenges and made me the person I am today. I am really thankful that I spent my high school years in this institution. I have gained a lot of learnings and experiences that also helped me to survive my college years.

Thank you my Alma Mater for giving me the courage to pursue my dreams, goals and also to be confident in all of my decisions. If I could go back to the first day I arrived in campus and have a chance to face my old self, I would definitely say that I did the right decision. Indeed, “South Mansfield College is a School of Choice.”

To all SMC students, keep soaring high!

Jane Erika R. Cosio, CIE

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