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I’m Jem Bettina Tan. I just graduated high school this March 2015 and in two months, I would be entering college as a freshman in UP Manila. I am confident that the things that SMC taught me during my three years of stay here will help me through college. SMC has helped me with a lot of things and I’m here to share a few of them.

1) The SED or the Speak English Drive Policy - Because SED, I am now able to hold conversations in straight and fluent English without doubting myself. SED also helped my so-called “social skills”. When I first enrolled here in SMC, speaking in front of other people was beyond my comfort zone. I would always sink back into my shell whenever placed in front of a crowed, no matter how big or small, because I thought that I’ll just shutter and make a fool out of myself. But just last year, I was able to win an impromptu speaking contest held here in SMC. It is still one of my most treasured achievements.
2) Essay writing - When I was in first year high school, I had difficulties constructing an essay without any help. Sometimes I’d hand over blank papers, or I’d “accidentally” forget to pass it. Here we are trained to construct essays in quizzes, mastery test, and occasionally, term exams. Now, I’m not worried if someone ask me to write an essay because I know that SMC has laid a strong foundation for me to work on.
3) PASS or Research papers – A UP Manila graduate told me that if you want to study in UP, you should be ready to take research papers, even for minor subjects. SMC requires graduating students to make their own research papers in preparation for college, and I have never been more thankful.
4) Extra-curricular activities – SMC gives their students opportunities to be exposed to different extra-curricular activities. We have our monthly Mufti celebrations and the most awaited Sports fest. We also compete outside the schools in competitions such as quiz bees, spelling bees, sports competition, poster making and essay writing contest. These have taught us to show sportsmanship and teamwork.

Standing firm by its vision and mission, SMC continues to mold confident, well-rounded people and produce responsible and globally competitive leaders.

What SMC given me goes beyond the class room. It has helped make me the person I am today. It gave me great friends and great memories. South Mansfield College is the school of choice, and I’m glad I chose it. And if you ever decide to enroll in SMC, you’ll be glad you did, too.

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SMC is one of the top schools in the Philippines offering Basic Education and College. We are supervised by Southville International School and Colleges, a school with international character with international accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, U.S.A.


  • Pre-kinder to Grade 2

    The SMC Pre-School Division is a community that develops learners to become academically competent, disciplined, and well-rounded Pre-School students.

  • Grade 3 - Grade 6

    The SMC Grade School Division is a community that develops learners to become academically competent, disciplined, and well-rounded Grade School students.

  • Junior Highschool

    The SMC Junior High School Division is a community that develops learners to become academically competent, disciplined, and well-rounded High School students.

  • Senior Highschool

    South Mansfield College has been given the permit to offer Academic Track and Technical, Vocational and Livelihood Track by the Department of Education.

  • College Year

    South Mansfield College offers three curricular programs – Information Technology, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Management.

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