Grade 10 Debonair wins in Mr. Teen SGEN 2015

Beauty and brains are what South Mansfield College students possess.
Mahrcus Usisa of Grade 10 Resilience got the nod from the judges and emerged Second Runner-Up in the recently held Mr. and Ms. Teen SGEN (Southville Global Education Network) 2015.

He competed in talent, national costume, sportswear, and evening wear to land in the top 5 among 12 male candidates from Southville International School and Colleges—Las Piñas, Stonyhurst Southville International School—Malarayat, and Stonyhurst Southville International School—Batangas. 

Eleanor de Ramos (Grade 10 Resilience), Haydee Shimokawa (Grade 10 Resilience), Nellizha Gamit (Grade 9 Integrity), AC Anda (Grade 8 Commitment), and Josh de Pedro (Grade 7 Altruism) also confidently represented South Mansfield College in the competition.


Mr. & Ms. Teen SGEN is a celebration of beauty that seeks to promote and intertwine physical beauty, intelligence, and talent among SGEN Schools. The event was organized to promote the culture of international friendship, one global family and service for global peace. The winners will serve as Ambassadors of Goodwill and represent SGEN in promoting global peace and understanding. The pageant also served as highlight of the Silver Anniversary Celebration of Southville International School and Colleges.


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