Nica Dolleton

“Life all comes down to a few moments and this is definitely one of them.”

That line was taken from my valedictory speech last year.

When I was still in high school, I was scared of going to college maybe because I was not confident enough that I could make it to one or simply because I did not know what to expect. Well, now that I’m in college, all I could say is it’s not really bad.

Graduating as Valedictorian from South Mansfield College opened doors for me. It made things easier for me especially that I am now studying in a sister school.Whenever my professors would ask me what school I graduated from, they would commend me because it is a sister school.This institution taught me values that I need to become a better person.

It has programs that really helped shape students for the outside world. Graduating from SMC gave me an edge over others.
I believe that SMC lived up to its mission and vision.I could definitely tell everyone right now that they made the right decision studying in SMC, a school so dedicated in giving quality education that is really useful in college.For students like me before who was fearful of moving on to college, don’t worry because your school is helping you.I could say that I am glad and thankful that I got to be part of the continuing journey of SMC and I hope it will continue to get better as years go by.

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