SMC Avid of Success

These are the 4 anchors that are necessary to succeed in the 21st century scenario:

A  -  cademic Excellence

V  -  alues Excellence

I  -   nterpersonal Sensitivity

D  -  rive and Discipline to Achieve


A. Academic Excellence

Knowledge - acceptable performance in the Standards required for English, Math, Science, and Computers in the Core Competencies

Self-Knowledge - accurate perception of one’s personal strengths,weaknesses, limitations and habits of the mind (way of thinking) and how these either shape or impede  one’s growth as a person, one’s performance and output.

Love for Learning/Life-long Learning - enduring passion for learning using research, technology, communication, etc. as tools for ongoing growth and development.

Cognitive Flexibility - being open to new perspectives; bringing new ideas and images into a practical and concrete reality.


B. Values Excellence

Integrity - exhibiting consistency in one’s words and actions; has word of honor

Conviction - taking action based on own principles  rather than action based on a desire to please others.

Congruence - experiencing and expressing one’s feelings and thoughts in such a way that what one  experiences internally is the same as what he or she communicates externally to others.

Ethics - adhering to standards required of the profession


C. Interpersonal Sensitivity

Interpersonal relations - tolerating, accepting, and welcoming differences of opinions, and perspective; adapting to various people and temperaments with ease; showing cooperation and teamwork.

Empathy - putting oneself in the shoes of others; understanding the concern and condition of others.

Adaptability - relating and adapting even with seemingly difficult personalities; understanding, accepting and tolerating individual/cultural differences; knowing how to conduct oneself in a particular situation adhering to social norms.

Leadership - using one’s personal gifts and competencies to influence and lead others for worthwhile undertakings; handling and resolving conflicts effectively.


D. Drive AND DISCIPLINE to Achieve

Discipline - training to act in accordance to rules; behaving in accord with rules of conduct to accomplish a set objective or goal. 

Responsibility - readiness to accept and be answerable to one’s duties,obligations, and accountabilities

Result Orientation - always having the end in mind or bottom line in any endeavor through efficient planning and organizing of one’s activities and resources; getting things done; being able to produce outputs which meet standards or beyond focused on quality, accuracy, and timeliness; executing and having closure on assigned tasks or initiatives

Initiative - initiating actions rather than just responding to situations;pro-actively influencing events rather than reading.

Sense of Urgency - giving prompt attention and action to urgent matter; mobilizing one’s own resources for the completion of tasks without being reminded or prodded.

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